What is the best polyurethane for epoxy floors?

The difference is that our industrial grade Moisture cured polyurethane for epoxy is a one component product with no mixing required. It is very user friendly and easy to apply. The coating cures by the air moisture in 8-12 hours and is at lower price point. It is recommended from residential garage floor applications to commercial warehouses.

Our industrial grade Epoxy Pro High Wear Polyurethane system is a 3-Component parts A, B, & C where mixing is required. Once mixed it is just as easy to apply as our Moisture Cured Polyurethane. Approximately 30% higher in price point our High Wear urethane comes in standard clear, or for an additional cost, our additive Color Pigment Packs are available to purchase.

Our High Wear Polyurethane is specifically engineered and formulated for heavy traffic via heavy manufacturing environments with fork lift traffic and parts assembly facilities. It is also ideal for storage buildings, work-shops, pole barns and storage barns as it is an excellent coating that can withstand snowmobile tracks, tractors and equipment, and etc.


Click on the image to see our Moisture cured polyurethane for epoxy top coatings.

What is the best Polyurethane for epoxy floor