About Us

“Preventative floor maintenance is the cornerstone for concrete floor Preservation.”

– EpoxyPRO founder, John R Davis

For over 38 years, EpoxyPRO, a Veteran Owned Company, has pioneered Industrial Grade 100% solids epoxy floor coating formulations to preserve, protect and restore industrial, commercial and residential concrete floors by delivering UNMATCHED technology innovations of specialty floor coating systems.

EpoxyPRO floor coatings is specifically designed for interior applications where an impact resistant floor is needed and it produces an attractive high gloss finish floor that can increase light reflectivity up to 400%. It is tough enough for heavy manufacturing or the harshest industrial environments but beautiful enough for your home or office.


Maintenance Free Seamless Floor

Industrial Grade Floor Coatings

Food Grade Floor Coatings, USDA Approved

NO VOC’s Solvent Free 100% Epoxy solids with low to no odor

Chemical, Acid, Oil, and Salt Resistant

Slip Resistant

Easy to Clean Non-Porous High Gloss Finish

Up to 400% Increased Light Reflectivity


20+ year life span, under normal wear & tear

DIY Kits

Easy to Apply

All of our EpoxyPRO floor painting systems are engineered with two qualities in mind. First, our residential floor painting kit is easy to install and requires no special skills or prior experience. Secondly, whether commercial, industrial or residential, our 100% solids epoxy is the highest quality epoxy money can buy.

Do-it-yourself or professional installation services are available. Please call us at 877-70-EPOXY (37699) or email us at info@epoxypro.com with any questions or to schedule a free estimate on any residential, commercial or industrial project.