A.It is not recommended if there is any consistent moisture or re occurrence of moisture which is known as hydro static pressure.

A.Our products are industrial grade floor coatings – chemical resistant 100% solids epoxy resins. Most other garage floor finishes are water-based latex floor paints that fail shortly after they are applied.

A. Our epoxy is neither water-based nor solvent-based.

The difference is that EpoxyPRO 100% solids industrial grade epoxy provides a durable 8 to 20 mils per coat that resoundingly outlasts semi porous water-based and solvent-based epoxies, which on average, are only 37% volume solids of a nondurable 2 to 4 mils that result in a short life-span due to their lower mils thickness (check out our Product Comparison Chart). They are not self-leveling to reduce surface imperfections, or resistant to hot tires that literally melts the water-based epoxy onto your hot tires resulting in lifting it off the floor, and they do not protect new concrete or the dirt environment below the concrete substrate from fluids such as motor oil or harmful chemical and acid contamination, nor do they permanently restore old stained and unsightly contaminated concrete and stop any further contamination to the concrete or environment.

Concrete surfaces are like a big “sponge” that holds and retains water; harmful fluids, dirt, oil, grease, dust and mold that absorb into porous concrete surfaces. Unprotected concrete is problematic and = decreased life span. EpoxyPRO Industrial Grade100% Solids Epoxy provides a permanent solution for surface protection, restoration and repair for all concrete floor projects.

A. The short answer is: The coating contains No Solvents or VOC’s. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Component. Zero VOC coatings have no fire hazard and low health risk during application. They are also environmentally friendly as hazardous organic solvent vapor is not generated and released into the air. VOC’s contribute to ground level ozone and smog. EpoxyPRO will not contribute to environmental pollution.

A. Yes, EpoxyPRO products are proudly Made in the USA, and is a Veteran Owned Company.

A. Domestic shipping within the United States 3-7 days. Custom orders may take a few days longer.

A. Yes. Please contact us directly to place your order. Please call 877.70.EPOXY (37699).

A. Yes, for an additional cost and a 15-gallon minimum order we can custom blend or match most colors. Please Call 877.70.EPOXY (37699) for more information.

A. Yes, we can arrange installation services/contactors in your area.

A. There is no impact.

A. Yes

A. The concrete should cure for at least 30 days before applying epoxy.

A. Above 50 degrees

A. Yes. Step 1. to really prepare the floor for proper bond adhesion you will have to first degrease the oil permeated areas and rinse. (Repeat if necessary). Step 2. Diamond grind & vacuum, or acid etch/rinse to profile the concrete substrate. Once concrete is clean and has thoroughly dried apply EpoxyPRO Oil Stop Primer as directed before applying epoxy coating.

A. Floor paints, epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings do not adhere to silicone-based products (such as Armor All). Silicone absorbs into porous concrete substrate and will spore into the cap of the concrete surface preventing bond adhesion of epoxy, polyurethane, and/or other floor paint coatings. Step 1. Diamond grind and vacuum concrete. Step 2. Prime coat with our solvent based 2-part epoxy primer.

Please Note: Solvent based primer is only available upon request and cannot ship to California, and certain other states where VOC restrictions are regulated. Solvent based primer is best, but another alternative that may work is Water-Based Epoxy Primer and/or Oil Stop Primer. Choose one or the other product, not both. Due to the rubber-like plastic nature of silicone EpoxyPRO cannot guarantee any solution to prevent lifting but has had success when applying these products in many instances.

A. Yes, if you want the smoothest floor possible purchase our EpoxyPRO Floor Patch Kit that is made with our industrial strength 100% solids epoxy resins. Our patch kits are a superior, self-levelling system that will provide a smooth permanent solution to your concrete cracks and holes, as opposed to the substandard powder cementitious crack repair products that you add water to and that crumble and fail soon after they are applied.

A. Rent a diamond grinder or floor sander with a heavy grit pad to remove (profile) existing coating.

A. No. You will need to profile the floor for proper adhesion by sanding or diamond grinding.

A. Yes. However, a second coat must be applied within 12-24 hours or the floor will need to be profiled again with a light sanding or before applying the second coat.

A. No, there isn’t any strong smell since there are no fumes or vapors as the product does not contain solvents or any volatile organic compounds.

A. Yes, our Polyurethane coatings offer a higher wear resistance and hardness factor to provide additional protection of the epoxy topcoat. Our EpoxyPRO Moisture Cured Polyurethane clear topcoat is available for additional scratch resistance for a medium traffic environment. For high traffic and heavy manufacturing we recommend our EpoxyPRO High Wear Polyurethane which is available in clear or in color. We also recommended our polyurethane clear top coat for (full rejection) heavily applied decorative chip/fleck finishes.

A. Yes, but it would require a polyurethane clear coat once you apply the logo onto the epoxied floor. We recommend 3M vinyl logo material that is engineered specifically for floor coatings compatibility that you can find at most vinyl graphic print shops.

A. We are certain one of the best suppliers of poly urethane and the difference is that our industrial grade Moisture Cured Polyurethane is a one component product with no mixing required. It is very user friendly and easy to apply. The coating cures by the air moisture in 8-12 hours and is at lower price point. It is recommended from residential garage floor applications to commercial warehouses.

Our industrial grade EpoxyPRO High Wear Polyurethane system is a 3-Component parts A, B, & C where mixing is required. Once mixed it is just as easy to apply as our Moisture Cured Polyurethane. Approximately 30% higher in price point our High Wear urethane comes in standard clear, or for an additional cost, our additive Color Pigment Packs are available to purchase. Our High Wear Polyurethane is specifically engineered and formulated for heavy traffic via heavy manufacturing environments with fork lift traffic and parts assembly facilities. It is also ideal for storage buildings, work-shops, pole barns and storage barns as it is an excellent coating that can withstand snowmobile tracks, tractors and equipment, and etc.

A. Yes, there is a very strong odor due to the V.O.C.’s and when ventilated it should take approximately 1-3 days to dissipate. Please note: Use in a well-ventilated area, and never open or apply Volatile Organic Compound products near open flame, pilot lights, furnaces, and lit cigarettes, and etc. Protective gear is required for this product. We recommend purchasing: high quality protective eyewear, gloves and respirators. We only recommend the use of VOC products where states allow. Some states have regulations prohibiting the shipping and transporting of VOC coatings. Please check your states policy on VOC regulations.

A. EpoxyPRO epoxy IS HIGH HEAT RESISTANT and will not lift from hot tire traffic.

A. Virtually the same with less gloss, and as long as the floor was properly prepared the epoxy floor will remain intact. We have 30-year-old projects that are still holding up because our epoxy is industrial grade 100% Solids engineered to last as a “One and Done” floor solution.

A. Clean with water and detergent, as needed.

A. The work time can be an issue for some DIY people. Unlike paint, the epoxy begins to cure immediately and you only have approximately 45 minutes work time to squeegee, back roll, and if using; to apply paint chips (fleck) and aluminum oxide.

A. Yes, we do, if you want to expedite the application of coating and the optional steps of the application of decorative paint chips/fleck or the Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide Broadcast. Applying epoxy with Spiked Shoes on allows you to walk over the entire surface while you squeegee, back roll, and apply the decorative chips/fleck, and aluminum oxide.

Without the use of spiked shoes you’ll have to mix products at a different ratio. To ensure enough work time mixing smaller batches of epoxy is recommended so that you can reach across sections of floor with an extension pole to squeegee, back roll, and etc. smaller areas while standing on concrete substrate and coating one section at a time. Please see the Epoxy Application Instructions for your chosen Epoxy Kit under the resources tab.

A. Approximately 3-4 hours: Two hours to profile prep the floor and once mixed 30 to 45 minutes to apply the epoxy. If using optional fleck and non-slip broadcast: 30 minutes to hand throw the paint chips/fleck and apply the #46 grit non-slip broadcast with a hand held grass seed spreader.

A. Place about a half a handful size amount of Decorative Paint Chips (fleck) in the palm of your hand and using an underhanded motion throw the fleck into the air. If applying fleck in a garage and there is wind, you need to “play the wind” by tossing the fleck towards the wind.

A. Yes, it is. We recommend; for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet or has any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

Please note the following non-slip recommendations:
– Aluminum Oxide #46 Grit Broadcast is recommended to be used with: PURE 100% Solids Epoxy or METALLIC 100% Solids Epoxy.
– Powder Oxide Additive (only to be used with polyurethane topcoats) is recommended when a POLYURETHANE Topcoat is desired.

A. Our Aluminum Oxide #46 Grit Broadcast is a small granule that is applied to the epoxy surface as a final non-slip option and is meant to be used only with our EpoxyPRO 100% Solids PURE Epoxy Kit and EpoxyPRO 100% Solids Metallic Epoxy Kit floor coating systems. Our Powder Oxide Additive is a fine grain additive that is mixed into the urethane and is meant to be used only with our High Wear Polyurethane Topcoat and Moisture Cured Polyurethane Topcoat.

A. No, they are an optional choice and one that we recommend, for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet or has any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

A. 20+ years, if the concrete floor is free of contaminates, is free of any unforeseen issues, and has been mechanically profiled by diamond grinding for the most optimum bonding and adhesion of EpoxyPRO Industrial Grade floor coating products.

A. EpoxyPRO will warranty its 100% Solids Epoxy products for a lifetime on only new uncontaminated concrete floor substrates that have been mechanically profiled with a minimum 12-mil anchor profile.

EpoxyPRO cannot guarantee the epoxy if the epoxy is not mixed correctly or if the floor prep was not mechanically profiled for proper bond adhesion. The concrete must be new and contaminate free following our properly prepared diamond grinding recommendation (see our instructions on how to properly prepare concrete for an epoxy installation) Epoxy Floor Prep Instructions. EpoxyPRO cannot warranty its floor coating products on old existing concrete that may or may not have a past history of unforeseen surface contaminates. EpoxyPRO cannot warranty any new or old concrete floor substrates that have hydrostatic pressure, outgassing, silicone spores and or any other pre-existing surface or below surface evidence of seen or unforeseen foreign matter.

A. Yes, but you will need to mix only half of the epoxy and need a second roller cover to finish.

A. Yes, gasoline and other common chemicals that are often found in the garage will not affect your EpoxyPRO finish as long as you do not allow such fluids to remain puddled on the coating for a long period of time.

A. Yes, fully cured garage floors that have been painted with EpoxyPRO can be power washed. However, we recommend a minimum of a 30-degree tip.

A. Yes, with sharp objects and possibly with the falling impact of heavy objects.

A. Within 12 to 16 hours for foot traffic, depending on the air temps.

A. 24-36 hours

A. No. We recommend using our notched squeegee to distribute the epoxy evenly across the floor and followed by back rolling, and ALWAYS back roll using a 3/8 inch nap 9” or 18” roller cover.

A. Yes, as long as you paint one side at a time and allow adequate drying time between sides. For Best Results we recommend priming wood with EpoxyPRO Flexible Primer for Wood and Concrete prior to applying epoxy coating.

A. No vertical applications unless they are concrete step facias, EpoxyPRO Garage Floor Coatings are designed for horizontal floor applications due to its self-leveling characteristics.

A. EpoxyPRO coatings can be used on any indoor, concrete cementitious surface. We do have outdoor options available. Please Call 1-877-703-7699 for more information.

Still have questions? Call 1-877-703-7699