OF20S-L120 | 20″ Concrete Floor Grinder & Sander | Multi-Surface Planetary | Single Speed LOW

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Introducing the versatile Low Speed OF20S-L, a dynamic machine designed for a myriad of tasks with its 120 Volt Power Operation, delivering efficient performance at a tool speed of 500 RPM. Tailored for low-speed applications like concrete surface preparation, epoxy removal, and refining wood floors and decks, the OF20S-L strikes a balance between professional-grade power and user-friendly operation.

Boasting our patented tool attachment system renowned for its rapid tool change capability, the OF20S-L ensures seamless transitions between tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency.

With tooling packages catering to diverse needs such as concrete surface preparation, epoxy removal, mastic/glue removal, wood floor sanding/refinishing, stone polishing, and wood deck restoration, this machine offers unparalleled versatility.

SKU: T-11


20” Cutting Path: Maximizes productivity, minimizing time investment.

Multi-Surface Capability: From concrete to wood floors, this machine tackles various surfaces effortlessly.

Lightweight High Speed: Swift operation facilitates easy maneuverability.

Up To 198 lbs. Grinding Pressure: Boosts productivity through enhanced grinding force.

Removable Handle: Allows for easy transportation by reducing overall height.

Self-Maintenance Platform: Simplifies upkeep, allowing quick belt and bearing replacements.

Wet/Dry Operation: Adaptable to both dry operation with a dust collector and wet operation with water.

Patented Flexible Tool Plates: Conforms to floor contours for accelerated production.

Patented Triple Belt Planetary: Generates robust torque with minimal power consumption.

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