Metallic Epoxy 1.5 Quart Touch Up Kit, Covers Up To 25 SF


EpoxyPRO Metallic Touch Up Kit is available for small areas when a touch up is necessary. EpoxyPRO Metallic Epoxy Touch Up Kit consists of:
-1 quart Part A primer
-1 quart Part B primer
-1 pint Part A topcoat
-1 pint Part B topcoat
-1.25 oz Part C color pigment.

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Average 2 Car Garage: 576-720 sq ft

Average 3 Car Garage: 864-1296 sq ft

Read our tutorial on How to Apply Metallic Epoxy


RECOMMENDATIONS; for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet or has any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

Please note the following non-slip recommendations:

Aluminum Oxide #46 Grit Broadcast is recommended to be used with: PURE 100% Solids Epoxy or METALLIC 100% Solids Epoxy.

Powder Oxide Additive (only to be used with polyurethane topcoats) is recommended when a POLYURETHANE Topcoat is desired.


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