High Performance Solvent Based Polyurethane 1.5 Gallon Kit Up To 600 SF

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1.5 gallon High Performance Solvent Based Polyurethane Topcoat. Coverage: up to 600 square feet @  3-5 mils wet thickness


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: EpoxyPRO Solvent Based High Performance Polyurethane is a two component floor coating that exhibits superior characteristics for abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.  This product has good UV stability. (Mix Ratio 2A to 1B) Includes Part C nonslip additive.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Recommended for showrooms, warehouses, laboratories, cafeterias, and most indoor chemical exposure areas. Don not apply indoors where pilot lights or open flames are exposed.

RECOMMENDATION; for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet or has any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

Powder Oxide Non-Slip Additive is only to be used with a polyurethane topcoat and due to the slick nature of polyurethane it is recommended, however it is an optional use additive.