High Wear High Solids Polyurethane 1 Gallon Kit Up To 600 SF

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1 gallon KIT: 1 Pint Part A, 0.07 lbs Part B, and 3 lbs Powder Oxide Additive Part C. Product is a clear topcoat. However, a colored pigment pack additive for a colored topcoat is available at additional cost: Please see Pigment Pack Color Chart for Color Options.

Coverage: up to 600 square feet @ 3-5 mils wet thickness


EpoxyPRO High Wear Polyurethane is a resin-based, three component aliphatic urethane floor finish that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability.

RECOMMENDED FOR: auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, and some chemical exposure areas.

RECOMMENDATION; for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet or has any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

Please note the following non-slip recommendation:

MIX RATIO: 1A to 4B Up To 600 SF Includes Part C nonslip additive.

Powder Oxide Non-Slip Additive is only to be used with polyurethane topcoats, and due to its slick nature is recommended, however it is an optional choice additive.

EpoxyPRO Aluminum Oxide products are high density, coarse crystalline particles that are crushed, graded or screened and then ground to their specific powdered particle size.  These particles have a high thermal conductivity and good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. In addition, these particles have a high heat capacity, high electrical capacity and excellent abrasion resistance.