Flexible Epoxy Primer 2 Gallon Kit for Wood or Concrete Up To 320 SF

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2 Gallon KIT: 1 Gallon Epoxy Solids Part A and 1 Gallon Epoxy Solids Part B. Coverage: up to 32-160 sq.ft. (@ 10-50 mils)


EpoxyPRO Flexible Primer Kit for Wood & Concrete is a two component 100% solids epoxy designed for sealing traffic surfaces exposed  to vehicular or foot traffic.  The toughness and elongation eliminate the need to repair hairline cracks. This product is formulated for use in a broadcast system as the basecoat to prime wood or concrete floors prior to application of epoxy solids, epoxy mortars or other suitable topcoats.


COVERAGE RATE: Up to 160 square feet per gallon or up to 320 square feet per 2 gallon kit.

Wood Primer; Recommended for wood sub-floors or existing hardwood floor coverings where epoxy floor coating systems are to be installed.