DynaVac Pro 1600IC Pulse Clean Vacuum | 150 CFM Dust Collector | Auto Clean


Introducing the DynaVac 1600IC, a high-performance pulse clean vacuum designed for remarkable productivity. Its automatic filter cleaning system ensures consistent suction performance by utilizing reversed airflow pulses. With a washable PTFE long-life filter boasting a 99.9% efficiency rating, maintenance is minimized, leading to reduced overall costs.

Featuring 92″ of water lift and 150 CFM of continuous airflow, the DynaVac 1600IC delivers powerful performance. Its soft start function and optional intake motor filter contribute to prolonging the motor’s lifespan. Flexible straps keep the electric cable and hose securely in place during movement, while the Auto Start feature allows remote activation via your tool’s on/off switch. For applications requiring HEPA filtration, an optional HEPA kit is available for quick installation.

Included in the box are the DynaVac 1600IC Vacuum, a 1.5″ x 25′ Hose, Sweeper Tool and Wand, and a 1.25″ x 10′ Hose.

SKU: T-12

Key Features:

-Automatic filter cleaning system maintains performance

-PTFE long-life filter with 99.9% filtration efficiency

-Dust class L certification

-Option for dual filter solution with upstream HEPA filtration

-11 gallon capacity container with steel castors and robust bumper

-Flexible rubber straps, tool box storage, and optional trolley handle for convenience

-Optional motor cooling filter, exhaust air collector, and long-lasting filter bag enhance usability.