Application Spiked Shoes, 3/4″ sharp spikes

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Re-usable Application shoes with sharp spikes. One size fits most. Adjustable straps easily clamp shoe onto any flat sole shoe or work boot.
SKU: T-9

Spike Shoes For Epoxy Flooring

EpoxyPro application spiked shoes are essential for applying industrial grade epoxy and/or polyurethane floor coating systems. Application spiked shoes will give you several advantages to complete the application process more timely and efficiently.

EpoxyPro application spiked shoes easily attach to your shoes or boots and require you to be very careful when walking as you can easily slip if your not careful. Before attaching your application spiked shoes over your shoes as a precaution be sure all of the spikes are tight. It is also important to be sure that the straps are not dragging on the floor. Remove any excess by cutting the straps shorter or by duct taping the exess to your spiked shoes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT drag your feet when wearing spiked shoes. For your safety always and carefully pick your feet up and down as you step when wearing the spiked shoes, as for #1, you don’t want to slip and #2, you do not want to leave spike marks on the floor as you are applying the finish coat and/or decorative fleck and non-slip aluminum oxide.

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